Milo – Why Buyers like to work with me…

All this searching wipes me out!

All this searching wipes me out!

Some days I just like to take a 10 minute meditation between appointments.  After that I’m ready to jump right back in!

My BIO: I get to promote buyer information because I just LOVE to talk, talk, talk! I’ll tell you

everything you want to know about buying a house and what to look out for. Living with my

mom and dad for most of my 7 years – gives me approximately 49 years buyer

experience. So go ahead and hit me up with a question!!!

Hey, choosing a home is a major decision. That’s why I take the time to listen to my clients. By understanding each person’s needs and ideas, I can target certain homes in specific neighborhoods, and streamline their home buying process.  

Maybe that’s why over 50% of my business comes from referrals.

I will offer personal, timely service designed to pinpoint the perfect home for your unique needs and lifestyle, including:

  • In-depth interviews to help us target neighborhoods
  • Detailed community information including school ratings, crime statistics and home values
  • Daily e-mail updates that alert you to new home listings

Shopping for a home – is a big deal folks, a lot of money is involved and you need to make very big decisions.  I know that it’s ALL ABOUT YOU!  Contact me with any questions – I love to answer questions!  Until next Monday…


A Taste of Casa Grande

MAWley face

Hey, have you heard that The Taste of Casa Grande is back and is happening this Sunday at The Property!!  Here is where it is:  

Taste of Casa Grande 29th Annual

Date: Sunday 10/18/2015
Time: 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Goto Google map of The Property Conference Center
The Property Conference Center 
The Property - 1251 W. Gila Bend Hwy.
Casa Grande, AZ 85122 The Property – 1251 W. Gila Bend Hwy., Casa Grande, AZ 85122
All proceeds benefit Against Abuse, Inc. in Casa Grande
Taste of Casa Grande 29th Annual
(520) 836-1239

This is such a fun and delicious event where the BEST of Casa Grande resturant’s gather and dish out their finest foods.  There are drawings for gifts baskets and lots of entertainment.  Your taste buds will be delighted.  Tickets are on sale now and you can inquire at 520.836.1239.  

Come on out and enjoy – see you there!


In need of a loving forever home!

Rudy - this could be bad!

Hi Friends,

I’m back and I have a favor to ask of you.  You see there is this really cool guy who needs a forever home.  His name is Luke and he is about my size about 12 – 14 lbs.  He even looks a little like me, you know, really handsome and long on sweetness.  He’s had his shots and everything else and the nice lady, Diana, who is letting him stay with her will be moving to a new place and she needs to find a home for all of her sweet little furry friends.

If you know of someone who is looking for a furry love pal please let me know so I can get you in touch with Diana as soon as possible.  Here is my friend Luke:

L-2 (1) Luke

Luke is a happy guy and will be a great companion.  Call or text my Aunt Leslie today if you are interested in or know someone who is looking for a sweet furry love to love.

Leslie 480.600.0541

Buyers! Make sure you work with a KNOWLEDGEABLE Realtor!

HPIM1515Hey Everyone I’m finally back.  I took some time off because I needed to study up for a big change that just happened over the weekend.  There is a lot more paper work that will go into buying a house now and as you can see I am all OVER IT!

Last Thursday my brother, Jude talked a little about the change but Jude likes to work with sellers and I like to work with buyers because they make me so happy and I like to make buyers happy!  In order to reach the best happiness ratio when buying a house now you best call our Team so that you have a Realtor who is well trained on what these changes are and how to best have YOU prepared because there are many things to be prepared for.  Oh, I don’t want to scare you away from buying a house, in fact ALL of the changes are to PROTECT the buyer!  This is a really great thing and we very much like what we have learned.  There is a lot to navigate through now if you are getting a loan and our team will hold your hand all the way through the process and we work with the most skilled of lenders to assure the very best outcome for you!  We also have the very best Title Agency and Inspectors.  I mean why not work with the very best?  That way we are pretty much assured the best and smoothest closing.  And THAT my friends makes ALL of us HAPPY!!!!


See you next time,


Real Estate change for Buyers will effect most Sellers!

Jude close up

Hey Sellers,

Have you heard about the newest change in real estate that is going into effect on Saturday?  I’ll bet you haven’t and I think that you should know what is going on.

No doubt you remember the horrible real estate market we had a few years ago when prices got so high that the bubble burst and then so many people started losing their homes to short sale or foreclosure.  Yes, those were some very dark times for most of us.  Well, as a result of some bad lending practices – new rules are now in place (as of Saturday October 3rd that is).  What is happening is a lot more buyer protection from lenders – which is a really good thing all the way around but, in the doing it will likely slow the sale process down.  The reason that I am telling you this is because you need to make sure that the Realtor you list your property with understands what’s going on so that your sale doesn’t run into unnecessary lags in closing.

Our team has been well trained on the incoming program and it’s many pit falls so that we can offer our honored clients the best of care and the most knowledge to mitigate problems along the way.  So if you are thinking of selling your property this is a great time because interest rates are still great and buyers are looking for great houses.

Call us today for a free valuation on your property and we are very happy to answer any questions you might have.

Until next time, be wise or be with someone who is wise!  😉


Rudy has a job

Rudy - this could be bad!

Hi,  it’s Rudy again, so it must be Tuesday.  I almost didn’t have time to write anything this week – I got a job!   I work two days a week now, at Oasis Pavilion Rehabilitation Center.  My job is pretty easy and lots of fun.  I’m in charge of smiles and love.  Room to room I dispense my wares – sometimes I have to plop up on the bed to reach the face I need to love.  The pay is tremendous – all the love and smiles right back at me.  And some great belly rubs and kooch-coos behind the ears.

The best part of the job is The Circle – lots of people gathered in the Activity Room.  I just go from person to person getting wholesale petting and leave a trail of smiles lingering on amid the music and fun that’s going on all around the place.  One special lady (oh, they are all special) wanted a picture of me so she can paint it.  I will be a “portrait dog”.  What a great Oasis it is for a warm summer morning.

Notice how careful I am to look both ways when working my way through the parking lot to my job.

It's important to look both ways when crossing the drive to the Oasis!

It’s important to look both ways when crossing the drive to the Oasis!

I like the ride to and from – looking out the window as we drive by the neighborhoods of Casa Grande.  I even saw my Aunt Leslie’s name on a For Sale sign at click LINK: 1644 E Kielly Ln.  If you’re out driving around go look at it.  I’d love to play In that big back yard!

Oh, and by the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LAUREN HAMMOND!!!!  I miss you!

Milo – Arizona BUYERS home prices are almost back to pre-crush prices


Hi Everyone and happy Monday!  Well, at least I think it’s a happy day because I’m always happy… mostly.  Anyway, I was looking around on the internet the other day and I found this CNN report that says that housing prices are almost back to where they were before everything went to pot.  That’s what my mom likes to say.  Now I’m beginning to sound like her! Here is a link to the report if you want to check it out for yourself.

click LINK: CNN Report in housing prices and spending

It’s good news for people who want  to sell but it can be tough on buyers – especially if you plan on getting a loan.  Interest rates are STILL in the 4% level but, word on the street is that they’re going to go up into the 5% level sometime this year.  I guess that’s not all that bad when you think that at one time they were in the double digits!  Thankfully, at 7 I’m too young to remember that.  But then in human years I’m 49.  Oh, that makes my knees hurt.  I like my cat age better.  Anyway, enough about me!  If you are thinking of buying a house I think you better start getting things together real soon.  I can help you find a really great loan officer who will tell you what you qualify for or what you need to do to get qualified.  Next comes my FAVORITE part and that’s where I get to help you find the perfect home for yourself and family.  I love to work with buyers!  Oh, and click below for a really great house that we have for sale in East Mesa.  It has a pool and a basement AND a great office/workshop that is detached.  Oh, and it’s in a cul-de-sac.  This is a juicy buy, have a look:

click LINK:  834 N Parkcrest Circle

We have another beauty in South Chandler with a pool – check this one out:

click LINK: 2060 E Prescott Dr.

Not to be out done, we have a really fine home in Casa Grande that has a pool, and is a horse property!  Check out the delux appliances here!

click LINK: 302 N Colorado St

Just let me know if you or anyone you know is interested in any of these fine homes.  

Happy Monday,


ROZEE with the latest on The PhoenixMart!

Rozee full face            PhoenixMart1

Happy Friday everyone!!!

I’m just wondering if there is anyone left in Arizona?  It’s been so typically HOT here that it seems like everyone is making a run for the border.  My dad and mom left for Idaho this morning.  I’m so bummed that I was unable to talk them in to taking me.  Now I have to stay behind with the rest of furry fam.  It just doesn’t seem right!

 Hey, you know how MAWley likes to be the one to report on current events and especially about  The PhoenixMart?  We’ll she missed this article that came out on Wednesday so I’m going to share it with you….

Ha Ha Ha, MAWley!!!  

Even though it still looks like farm land out where the PhoenixMart is going to be there are many busy bees out there moving dirt around and now starting to pour some foundation.  The article says that walls should be going vertical in October and that if all goes well with the utility hook up they should be opening by this time next year.  Hmm,  I wonder if all things will go right,  If history tells a story then it may be later than this time next year.  Well for me, I am going to think positively about it and expect it to be opening by this time next year.  I’ll get my dad to take me our there in our truck when he gets back so we can do a proper inspection.  Here’s the link just below if you want to read the article for yourself.

click LINK: The latest on The PhoenixMart

Stay cool everyone!  We only have about 6 more weeks of summer here.  tisk!  6 more weeks, ARGH!


Jude – It’s record HEAT! Who wants a pool and a basement?

Jude in a shelf

Home values have been going up a bit lately and interest rates going up as well.  You probably already knew that but, did you know that it still a great time to buy?  My mom has a really pretty property in east Mesa that has a wonderful pool and a huge fully dressed up basement!  I like basements because it stays cooler there in the summer.  I like pools because I get to sit in a window and watch our dogs go play in the pool.  It seems like a win win for everyone.  Before this hot summer gets the best of you  –  click on the link to see this awesome house:

click LINK: 834 N Parkcrest Circle

Here are some numbers that can help you to see how you can best afford this property with a loan that best fits you.  You can call this loan officer and tell him that I sent you.  He rubs me under my chin when I send people to him and I like that!

Loan amounts from flyer

Ted Canto
Senior Loan Officer | NMLS 228393
AmeriFirst Financial, Inc. | NMLS 145368
14350 N. 87th Street, Suite 310, Scottsdale, AZ  85260
Direct: 480.339.1573 | Mobile: 480.650.8602 | Fax: 480.339.1623